Networking session held by Stuart MacDonald of Easy Jet

We at Marshall-James held a fantastic discussion and networking session this morning, kindly hosted by @britishtelecom and led by @stuartmacdonald1876 of @EasyJet, who shared the EasyJet journey and how the company have successfully met the continued challenges presented by growth and cost; all from an HR and Employee Relations perspective. Senior HR and ER people

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Power to the humans

Unions can help control the role of automation and AI in workplaces so it enhances employees’ lives rather than harms them. Technology may see the downfall of human beings as it outpaces our ability to adapt to it, some experts say. It’s a rather extreme view but the speed of advancement in digitalisation is staggering.

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Let’s talk money

Three working days into the new year was the point at which earnings of bosses at top companies had already surpassed what a typical British worker would make in an entire year. The ratio of CEO pay to the average full-time worker is 120:1, according to research from the High Pay Centre and CIPD. Average

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