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We are the "go-to" people for Industrial Relations solutions.

Many employers find industrial relations daunting, particularly where change or conflict is involved. However, with the right approach, guidance and planning, solving problems and making change needn’t be painful.

Having handled many different situations, disputes, challenges and conflicts from across a wide range of sectors there are very few issues we have not had experience of with. We can bring that all that expertise and value to your organisation.

We are not anti-union or “union busters”. We don’t engage in that type of behaviour. We simply work on behalf of employers to bring about the best possible outcome for all concerned. We have worked with many medium and large UK employers as well as multinationals and have experience working in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the US.

Years of experience:

Marshall-James have unrivalled, practical experience in all areas of Industrial Relations. We have successfully worked on many challenging, tricky situations involving unions and employers, both in the UK and globally. We have over 25 years experience from both the union and employer perspective; enabling us to see a problem from all dimensions.

We work across all sectors, with Employers of all shapes and our experience, advice and guidance is valued by many HR and Business leaders, which is why they come back to us again and again.

Our industrial relations work includes:

  • Industrial Relations Strategy
  • Union recognition/CAC applications
  • Changes to collective agreements
  • Advice and guidance concerning disputes
  • Supporting managers to negotiate change
  • Employee communications
  • Global Unions and International Framework Agreements
  • Freedom of Association, particulary through the garment sector

We also offer extensive training for line managers and HR professionals on Industrial Relations, Global Unions and Freedon of Association. For more information, visit our training and workshops page.

Many of our clients have very capable and knowledgeable HR and employee relations professionals. However, an external perspective can be vital to strengthen overall thinking or get a fresh view on existing approaches. Marshall-James provides the expertise for this.

Our views and experience are sought from many different organisations both in the UK and internationally.  

Freedom of Association, Global Unions and International IR/ER

Global Unions, Global Union Federations and International Framework Agreements (IFAs) have become far more high profile in recent years, as many Global Unions have focused on securing IFAs with multinationals. This has presented employers with many challenges and many have turned to Marshall-James for advice and training.

There is also a requirement under International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions to allow Freedom of Association. This has been widely adopted by countries with high numbers of manufacturing suppliers, working for multinationals and household brands. Close scrutiny and a threat of reputational damage has put pressure on these brands to think carefully about their own approach to freedom of association and unions.

Marshall-James works with many employers and brands to make sure their approach is robust, meaningful and fit for purpose. We work on strategy at head office and provide guidance and training in the factory.

Check here for our events relating to Freedom of Association, Global Unions and International IR/ER

What our clients say

Marshall-James helped us with a very challenging industrial relations situation that there seemed no way out of. When we worked with Andy and the team to understand the issues and put solutions in place things improved rapidly. We have managed to achieve agreements on a number of issues which had reached deadlock before.

Divisional HRD, Multinational FMCG

Marshall-James helped us identify opportunities for improving productivity at a time when costs and performance were incredibly challenging. They worked with us to manage risk and implement the changes, involving all our stakeholders, which made a significant positive impact on our performance.

CEO of Global Logistics company

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