Marshall-James is one of the UK’s leading providers of strategy and support in Employee Engagement and Communications to employers of all sizes and industries.

Meaningful employee engagement is a crucial component for any employer in meeting its objectives, no matter what its size. However, investment in employee engagement is often overlooked.

We work with many employers to develop their approach to employee engagement and internal communication so they can improve their channels of communication and understanding with employees. This is not simply ‘nice to have’… it’s essential.

Endless research has shown that disengaged workers are less productive and are more likely to resist change. This then creates a negativity that will permeate through an organisation.

Research has also shown that factors such as engagement and communication contribute far more to happiness at work than just pay. Employers who engage with their workforce are far more likely to get increased productivity and change on an ongoing basis, rather than just paying employees more or for change.

Trusted by many major Organisations

Marshall-James is trusted by many HR and Business leaders to work with management teams to improve employee engagement.

We work with management to focus on the key internal communications messages that will help build integrity and credibility with employees.

We also work on the development and deployment of these key messages throughout the organisation and focus on the strategy relating to management capability and employee voice.

We also work on developing and deploying those messages throughout the organisation and focus on the strategy relating to management capability and employee voice.

Our experience and expertise has provided support to many employers who are trying to bring about change. We work to improve employee relations through positive engagement. All our people are professional, highly experienced and credible in employee engagement strategy and delivery. We cover all of the UK and also work in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. For more information, please get in touch using the contact us form.

What our clients say

We had a particular issue relating to our Engagement scores following surveys on 3 consecutive years where our scores kept getting worse. Our employees well telling us they did not feel they understood what the organisation was trying to do and how they engaged with us. Marshall-James worked with our senior team to think through the key messages we needed to deploy and then helped us with communicating those through the workforce. This made such a huge difference to our Employee Engagement.

Head of Internal Comms, large Transport Business

Marshall-James developed our line managers to become far better communicators and to take accountability for communicating to their teams. This work has given managers the competence and confidence to communicate with our people, even when the messages are tough ones to deliver”.

Group HRD, UK Healthcare Business

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