We are the UK’s leading specialists in Employee Relations, Industrial Relations and Employee Engagement, providing solutions and services to employers of all sizes and industries

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At Marshall-James our expertise in employee relations, industrial relations and employee engagement is unrivalled. Marshall-James has been providing services to Employers, of all  sizes and who represent a broad range of industries since 2006, both inside and outside of the UK.

All Marshall-James’ people are professionals, subject matter experts and very easy to work with. We are not lawyers, we are practitioners and we love what we do.

We are one of the largest providers of workplace investigations into grievance, disciplinary issues, bullying and harassment matters, focusing on resolution and prevention.

We have a dedicated recruitment division that specialises in filling permanent and interim HR Roles that require employee relations and/or employee engagement skills as part of the job.

Working with partners you trust

We are trusted by HR and Business leaders to work with them and their organisations to deliver strategies and tactics in all areas of employee relations, workplace investigations, line management capability and recruitment.

Our clients come back to us time and again. Our opinions, guidance and knowledge are sought after and valued by many employers both inside and outside of the UK. We also work with unions, labour organisations and various employer groups.

International reach

Marshall-James works in many different countries. We are based in the UK but work extensively across Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America. We have broad experience of European works councils and global employee relations strategy and capability.

We work with brands and their supply chains both at head office and factory level. We have a comprehensive understanding of global unions, United Nations and international labour organisation conventions, OECD guidelines for multi-national enterprises and domestic organisations such as the ethical trade initiative. 

Working with Trade Unions
One Day Workshop

Presented by Andy Cook

A highly practical, interactive one day workshop providing the knowledge, skills and competence required to successfully work with and negotiate with Trade Unions in any workplace.

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How Marshall-James can help you

Employee Relations

Marshall-James is the leading firm providing services to employers in all areas of Employee Relations. Our expertise is based on experience and that brings credibility and trust. We work with employers to deliver Employee Relations Strategy, change and solve problems.

We provide outsourced Employee Relations services and strengthen internal capability through training, development and knowledge transfer. For more information, including about our employee relations model, visit our Employee Relations page.

Industrial Relations

Marshall-James is a leader in providing practical Industrial Relations services and support to employers in the UK and globally.

We specialise in strategy and tactics relating to unions, collective agreements, disputes, global unions, freedom of association, Central Arbitration Committee applications, changes to working practices and increasing management capability. For more information, visit our Industrial Relations page

Employee Engagement

Marshall-James is a specialist in Employee Engagement, working with employers on strategy, tactics and delivery of Employee Engagement and Internal Communications solutions to enable change. 

We support our clients to find the right approach to directly engage employees. We also increase line management capability to give managers the confidence and ability to communicate effectively.

We also specialise in strategies and tactics relating to employee voice and employee consultation. We support bespoke projects or longer term initiatives.

Workplace Investigations

Marshall-James is one of the leading UK providers of workplace investigations. We conduct investigations on an ad hoc or outsourced basis and will clear backlogs. Not only do we carry out the investigations, we also work with employers to identify trends and reduce potential risk issues.

We conduct investigations into grievance, disciplinary matters, bullying and harassment, reducing the time taken on investigations and the pressure on internal resource.

We have a credible, professional, experienced team of investigators with nationwide coverage. We also work across Europe, Asia and North America.


Marshall-James is the only firm specialising in recruiting permanent and interim professionals into roles that require Employee Relations, Industrial Relations or Employee Engagement skills.

We recruit HR Directors, heads of HR, heads of Employee Relations, heads of Industrial Relations, Employee Engagement and Internal Communication professionals.

We recruit for any role that needs these skills. We are successful because we are fully experienced in exactly what these roles entail and can get to the heart of what each employer needs quickly and precisely. For more information and to register your CV, please follow this link.

Training and Workshops

The workshops we run in-house for employers are tailored to each organisation, allowing for the unique culture and environment that exists in each workplace.

Our open workshops give attendees the opportunity to mix with people from different backgrounds and employment sectors and learn from that experience, as well as gain key knowledge and skills from our experienced facilitators. All our workshops last a full day and are not just ‘chalk and talk’ style sessions. There is plenty of opportunity for discussion and to work through scenarios. Each workshop has a maximum of 16 attendees and are run in high-quality venues that are conducive for to learning

Trusted by major companies worldwide

What our clients say

Marshall-James helped us with a very challenging industrial relations situation that there seemed no way out of. When we worked with Andy and the team to understand the issues and put solutions in place things improved rapidly. We have managed to achieve agreements on a number of issues which had reached deadlock before.

Divisional HRD, Multinational FMCG

Marshall-James helped us identify opportunities for improving productivity at a time when costs and performance were incredibly challenging. They worked with us to manage risk and implement the changes, involving all our stakeholders, which made a significant positive impact on our performance.

CEO of Global Logistics company

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